ANSI/SAIA A92.10-2009 (R2014)

For Transport Platforms

Scope: This standard applies to Transport Platforms that are primarily used as a tool of the trade to vertically transport authorized persons, along with materials and necessary tools, to various access levels on a building or structure for construction, renovation, maintenance or other types of work. Some of the key requirements of this standard include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Only authorized persons as defined by this Standard are permitted to be on the Transport Platform. The authorized persons shall have the necessary knowledge or experience or shall have received training prior to being on the Transport Platform. As a minimum the training for Transport Platforms shall be the same as training requirements for scaffolds as set out in OSHA-CFR Subpart L, Scaffolds – 1926.454-Training Requirements;
  2. The maximum number of authorized persons permitted on the platform shall be limited to the number equaling no more than 50% of the platform rated load capacity at 200lbs per person;
  3. The maximum vertical travel speed of the Transport Platform shall not exceed 40ft/min (12m/min);
  4. The Transport Platform shall operate at a safe minimum travel distance of 18in (.46m) from the building or structure;
  5. The Transport Platform shall be operated from controls located on the platform by an authorized person trained by a competent person. This standard is applicable to transport platforms elevated by a mechanical drive system and guided by and moving along their supporting masts, where the mast requires lateral restraint from separate supporting structures.

This standard is applicable to any combination of the followings alternatives:

  1. One or more mast
  2. Mast of fixed or variable length
  3. Vertical masts or inclined between 0° and 30° to the vertical
  4. Driven using electric, pneumatic, hydraulic motors or internal combustion engines.

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