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ANSI/SAIA A11.1-2019

ANSI/SAIA A11.1-2019
Testing and Rating Scaffold Assemblies and Components. Replaces SSFI SC100-5/05.

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This standard contains procedures for testing and rating scaffold components and assemblies. These procedures
are intended to be used as a guide for industry testing practice and are not intended to supersede procedures set
forth in any applicable Federal, State, or local regulations. The Accredited Standards Committee – A11 takes no
responsibility for such results.

Due to the wide variety of situation specific factors involved in the use of scaffolds, it is not possible to develop a
method that will apply to all possible situations while still providing useful information upon which
comparisons can be made. The ratings derived from the methods in this standard apply to the specific
conditions contained in the test procedures. Users, purchasers, specifiers, and other interested parties should
contact the manufacturer for ratings of specific configurations.

Normal shop safety practice and, when applicable, safety precautions described by OSHA, should be observed
during the administration of these tests.


This standard provides methods for testing and rating the performance of the following: 

  • Tube and Coupler Scaffold Components
  • Welded Frame Scaffold Assemblies
  • System Scaffold Assemblies and Components
  • Guardrail Scaffold Components
  • Screwjack Scaffold Components
  • Caster (with Lever Actuated Brake and Swivel Lead) Scaffold Components
  • Putlog Scaffold Assemblies
  • Side and End Bracket Scaffold Components
  • Mobile Work Stands
  • Attachable Ladder Scaffold Assemblies and Components
  • Base Widening Outrigger Scaffold Components
  • Stair Units


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